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E-Commerce Scraper

E-Commerce Scraper

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Pay $8.00 for 1,000 results

Easily extract essential product data from leading e-commerce platforms with our advanced scraping tools. Extraction includes title, image, description, and more. More eCommerce sites is being added regularly.

E-commerce Product Scraping Actor

Welcome to the E-commerce Product Scraping Actor! This tool is designed to seamlessly extract product data from leading e-commerce platforms.

Supported Websites

  • Amazon.com
  • amazon.de
  • Walmart.com
  • etsy.com
  • ebay.com
  • ebay.co.uk

Note: It will be supporting more websites in the near future.

Extraction Capabilities

With this actor, you can extract the following product details:

  • Product Title: The name or title of the product.
  • Price: The current selling price of the product.
  • Image: The primary product image or thumbnail.
  • Description: A detailed description or summary of the product.
  • Brand: The brand or manufacturer of the product.
  • Seller: The seller of the product.
  • Stock Status: Stock status of the product.
  • Reviews: Customer reviews and feedback for the product.
  • Ratings: Aggregate rating or star rating of the product.
  • SKU/UPC: Stock Keeping Unit or Universal Product Code for product identification.


  • Efficient Data Extraction: Quickly retrieve detailed information about products.
  • Broad Compatibility: While optimized for Amazon.com and Walmart.com, we're in the process of expanding support to various other e-commerce platforms.
  • Regular Updates: We are continually working on improvements and updates, ensuring you always have access to the best scraping tool available.


  • Proxy Requirement: To use this actor effectively, a proxy is required. It not only ensures smooth data extraction but also maintains the anonymity of your requests.
    • Residential Proxies: For optimal results, we recommend using residential proxies. They tend to have a better success rate and longevity compared to other types of proxies.

Getting Started

  1. Set Up Your Actor: After adding the actor to your Apify console, configure it by inputting your target product links. You can use a text file with the list of your product urls.
  2. Enter Proxy Details: Make sure to provide your proxy details in the settings. As mentioned, residential proxies are highly recommended for the best performance.
  3. Run The Actor: Once everything is set up, run the actor. After completion, the scraped data will be available for download or can be accessed through the Apify SDK.

Support & Feedback

If you encounter any issues or would like to suggest improvements, please open an issue or reach out to us. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance this actor.

Thank you for choosing the E-commerce Product Scraping Actor for your data extraction needs!

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