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Crawlee & Cheerio template

A scraper example that uses HTTP requests and Cheerio to parse HTML. It's fast, but it can't run the website's JavaScript or pass JS anti-scraping challenges.

Getting Started

Install Apify CLI

Using Homebrew

brew install apify/tap/apify-cli

Using NPM

npm -g install apify-cli

Create a new Actor using this template

apify create my-javascript-actor -t project_cheerio_crawler_js

Run the Actor locally

cd my-javascript-actor apify run

Deploy on Apify

Log in to Apify

You will need to provide your Apify API Token to complete this action.

apify login

Deploy your Actor

This command will deploy and build the Actor on the Apify Platform. You can find your newly created Actor under Actors -> My Actors.

apify push

Documentation reference

To learn more about Apify and Actors, take a look at the following resources: