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Actor Compute Units Aggregator


Aggregates daily or monthly usage of compute units for all your actors. Please don't use this if you have thousands of daily runs as it will overload the Apify API.

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Actor Compute Units Aggregator


This is a simple actor to check your compute units usage on Apify for each of your actor. We are planning to add this feature to the app itself, so after that this actor will be deprecated.


If you run this actor, it will go through all of your actor and their runs for the previous day/month and calculate their sum. It doesn't matter if you run it in the morning or evening because it always counts the previous day/month. The object with the data is then stored into the default key value store of the run.


  • checkTime<String>: Can be either last-day, last-month or this-month
  • actorNamePattern<String>: Count CU only for the actors matching the pattern (Regular expression).


This actor is only usable if you have up to few thousands of runs totally since it has to make a separate API call for each run. There is a throttling of max 20 API calls per second.


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