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Facebook Ads Scraper

  • Social media

Scrape relevant advertising data from Facebook Ads global database, including information about your competitors. Scrape:

  • ad details such as end date, number of assets used, advertiser, CDN URL of assets, creation date or platform
  • advertisements by filters, to only get the results you need
  • advertisers, if you're looking for data on a specific advertiser
  • by keyword, with the possibility of selecting a specific country and advertisement type.

Use this accumulated data for competitor or data analysis or as a signal to get notified about new ads or campaigns in certain countries, categories or keywords.

Input parameters include URLs, the maximum number of items, keywords, country code, ad type, the total number of pages scraped and proxy configuration, which is required for this solution. If the actor is successful at bypassing blocking, it will scrape 100 ads in 2 minutes and consume ~0.15-0.20 compute units.

Export extracted data into a myriad of formats such as HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, or XML.

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