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Autoscout24 Scraper

Autoscout24 Scraper

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Pay $20.00 for 1,000 results

Extract data from for data on thousands of car listings. Scrape car listings, extract descriptions, images, prices, mileage, contact number, addresses, names, engine information, the transmission of the car, and all other listing details.

List of URLs


List of URLs on that needs to be scraped

Proxy configuration


Use Apify Proxy or your custom Proxy.

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":true}

Max concurrency


Defines how many pages can be processed by the scraper in parallel. The scraper automatically increases and decreases concurrency based on available system resources. Use this option to set a hard limit.

Default value of this property is 1

Debug log


Shows additional debugging information.

Default value of this property is false

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