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Fast Agoda Scraper

Fast Agoda Scraper

Try for free

Pay $8.00 for 1,000 results

Scrape with this scraper and get data about accommodation on Extract data by URLs for hotel prices, ratings, number of reviews, images. Scrape and download data from in JSON, Excel, HTML ,and CSV.

Scrape data from Agoda easily with Fast Agoda Scraper.

About is an online travel agency catering primarily to consumers in the Asia-Pacific region, with headquarters in Singapore and operations in Bangkok, Thailand. Agoda facilitates reservations for lodging, flights, ground transportation, and activities. It is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings.

What does Fast Agoda Scraper do?

Fast Agoda Scraper allows you to scrape over 1,000 basic listings data at once from the Agoda search.

Fast Agoda Scraper will scrape next information:

  • URL
  • title
  • id
  • rating
  • price
  • amenities
  • city area
  • number of reviews
  • images
  • currency code
  • check in date
  • check out date

How much will it cost to scrape Agoda search results?

This scraper uses the pay-per-result pricing model, so your costs can be easily calculated. It will cost you $5 to scrape 1,000 search results, so 0.005 USD per item.

Apify’s Free plan provides $5 free usage credits every month. For those credits, you can get up to 1,000 results from Agoda search results for free.

How to use it?

Go to Enter desired crateria for search and press button for search. On page with results copy URL link and add it as one of URLs that needs to be scraped by Fast Agoda scraper.


Input Example

2  maxConcurrency: 1,
3  proxy: undefined,
4  urls: [
5    {
6      url:
7        ""
8      ,
9    },
10  ],
11  maxNumberOfResults: 100,

Output Example

2  {
3    title: "Hotel & Spa Villa Olimpic@ Suites",
4    url: ",8&los=8&searchrequestid=5277a5c4-d5bd-4558-b75d-9dc29f81d31e",
5    id: "149802",
6    rating: 8.4,
7    price: 225,
8    amenities: ["Breakfast"],
9    cityArea: "Villa Olimpica, Barcelona - 0.5 km to center",
10    numberOfReviews: 1215,
11    images: [
12      "",
13      "",
14      "",
15      "",
16      "",
17    ],
18    currencyCode: "EUR",
19    checkInDate: "2024-06-14",
20    checkOutDate: "2024-06-22",
21  },

Fast Agoda Scraper data output

The output from Fast Agoda Scraper is stored in the dataset. After the run is finished, you can download the dataset in various data formats (JSON, CSV, XML, RSS, HTML Table).


For more custom/simplify outputs or Bug report please contact the developer (ivan.vasiljevic (at) or report an issue.

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