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Monitor a website or web page for content changes. Automatically saves before and after screenshots and sends an email notification when content changes are detected.

URL to check


URL of a web page to be monitored

Monitored area selector


CSS selector of an area you want to monitor

Screenshot selector


CSS selector of a screenshot you want to get

Email address


Email address where you want to get the notification

Notification Text


Optional text to include in the email notification.

Notification in case of error


In case of the problem with selectors on the page, you will get notification mail with the screenshot of the page attached.

Value options:

"true": string"false": string

Default value of this property is "false"

Proxy Configuration


Select a proxy if the target website is blocking your access.


How long it should wait, in milliseconds, until the page times out

Default value of this property is 30000

How to retry


Sometimes the page doesn't load properly or the actor gets blocked so retrying those helps. On the other hand retrying wrong selector doesn't help. The recognition of blocked pages is not perfect (about 80%).

Value options:

"on-block": string"on-all-errors": string"never-retry": string

Default value of this property is "on-block"

Maximum number of retries


How many times the actor should retry in case of error.

Default value of this property is 5

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