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iCIMS, Inc. is a cloud-based human resources and recruiting software company. The company name is an acronym that stands for Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems.[2][3]

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2  "id": "181720",
4  "url": "https://uscareers-crossmark.icims.com/jobs/181720/product-demonstrator-part-time/job",
5  "location": [
6    {
7      "address": {
8        "addressCountry": "US",
9        "streetAddress": "UNAVAILABLE",
10        "postalCode": "80108",
11        "addressLocality": "Castle Rock",
12        "addressRegion": "CO",
13        "postOfficeBoxNumber": "UNAVAILABLE"
14      }
15    }
16  ],
17  "category": "Events Marketing/Demo",
18  "type": "PART_TIME",
19  "organization": {
20    "name": "CROSSMARK, Inc.",
21    "sameAs": "www.crossmark.com"
22  },
23  "posted": "2022-08-05T04:00:00.000Z",
24  "closed": "2023-08-05T04:00:00.000Z",
25  "direct": true,
26  "description": "<h2># of Openings</h2>1\n<h2>Overview</h2>\n<p>Competitive Pay Rate $16.50 / hour</p>\n<p>Weekly Pay&nbsp;Flexible Schedule&nbsp;Fun Work Environment&nbsp;Career Advancement Opportunities&nbsp;</p>\n<p>&nbsp;As a Product Demonstrator, you will be introducing customers inside a Sam鈥檚 Club to new and exciting products and brands by conducting product demonstrations and product tasting events.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<p></p>\n<h2>Responsibilities</h2>\n<p><strong><u>Role Highlights:</u></strong>&nbsp;</p>\n<ul>\n <li>Engaging customers to communicate key points about products.</li>\n <li>Ensuring compliance with food safety requirements while preparing samples (cook, process, plate, serve).</li>\n <li>Working with the team to achieve sales goals for the products.</li>\n</ul>\n<h2>Qualifications</h2>\n<ul>\n <li>Must be 18 years of age</li>\n <li>Weekends (Friday-Sunday) preferred; holidays &amp; weekday work available</li>\n <li>Reliable access to a smartphone or tablet on days worked</li>\n <li>Technological skill needed to report events on smartphone or tablet</li>\n <li>Able to communicate and engage with customers in a professional manner</li>\n <li>The ability to safely use appliances (microwave, toaster oven, hot plate)</li>\n <li>The ability to stand to perform the event for the duration of the event</li>\n <li>The ability to lift and carry up to 25+ pounds with occasionally lifting more</li>\n</ul>\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n<p>&nbsp;<strong>Work environment:</strong> Moderate to high noise levels associated with a retail warehouse environment. Some exposure to cold, refrigerated conditions, food products and cleaning chemicals.&nbsp;</p>\n<p>&nbsp;<strong>Language Skills:</strong> English is the primary language skill; however, bilingual skills may be required based on business necessity.&nbsp;</p>\n<p>Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential duties of this position.&nbsp;</p>\n<p>**A complete job description will be provided during the interview process.&nbsp;</p>"
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