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Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator

Google Maps Scraper Orchestrator

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Run multiple locations and search terms together with parallel runs for maximum speed.

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How do you use this?


zinc_hill opened this issue
8 months ago

This tool sounds great! Google Maps + Locations?! Yes!!!

However I have no idea how to use it.

  1. What is a Google Maps Task ID? Is this an internal thing? I couldn't find anything online.
  2. Where do i insert my keyword. Locations is super clear, but not so much the keyword part of things.

Are there plans to include reviews?

Unrelated, but how do i run via an API?

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We will improve the description.

  1. You convert your Google Maps Scraper input to a task and then copy its ID. See attachments.
  2. The keyword and all other settings should be configured in the task. It includes reviews and all other data settings.
  3. Here is a generic article about running actor via API -
  4. On top right you have API button with a simplified example
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