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Google Sheets Import & Export

Google Sheets Import & Export

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Import data from datasets or JSON files to Google Sheets. Programmatically process data in Sheets. Easier and faster than the official Google Sheets API and perfect for importing data from scraping.

Version 2


  • Migrated to new SDK version which caused crashes for one day until hotfixed.
  • Better error messages


  • Fixed: A bug that prevented loading big amount of data from the spreadsheets (by upgrading googleapis version)
  • Fixed: transformFunction was adding extra columns from the dataset even if they were renamed
  • Fixed: Sub-array default sorting
  • Feature: Added keepSheetColumnOrder option to input to prevent re-sorting data in your sheet


  • Removed support for Apify Crawler (this product has been removed)
  • Webhooks work out of the box without a need to change the payload template (for tasks).
  • Input - datasetOrExecutionId changed to datasetId.
  • Added sections to input (only visual change)


  • Fixed: Excess rows/columns were wrongly trimmed if the range was not the first sheet. May have caused a removal of data in the first sheet.


  • Warning!: For running this actor's code outside of lukaskrivka/google-sheets official version, you will need to create your own Google Dev Console project and provide your own keys to the input! This change will apply to older versions as well!
  • Added: Option to read from public spreadsheets without authorization (pass publicSpreadsheet: true to the input).


  • Added columnsOrder field so the user can define the order of columns


  • New sheets (via range input) are now automatically created by the actor, no need to pre-create them anymore
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