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Dataset Image Downloader & Uploader
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Dataset Image Downloader & Uploader

Dataset Image Downloader & Uploader

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Download image files from image URLs in your datasets and save them to a Zip file, Key-Value store, or directly your AWS S3 bucket.


  • Add two new option items and outputDatasetId to input.


  • Rewrite to crawlee, and overall updates.
  • Added a new option zip-file for uploadTo dropdown to upload a zip file of all the images to the dataset.
  • Fixed issue with downloading images.

Version-2 - 2019-12-02

  • Input has been completely redesigned. Please read it again and adjust.
  • Removed integration for cancelled Apify Crawler product.
  • Added automatic integration with actor webhooks.
  • Removed continueRunId from input. Use actor resurrect feature instead.
  • batchSize can have now arbitrary size. Previously it was limited to max dataset load (250,000).
  • Removed maxItems. You can use predownloadFunction to manipulate input data.
  • Added stateFields for a possibility to clean log and decrease memory usage of big batches.
  • Added duplicatesIndexes to state object for abillity to track duplicates.
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  • Created in Nov 2018
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