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Actor in Rust Example


Example actor built in Rust programming language. Downloads HTML from any page. Works on Apify platform and locally.

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Actor in Rust Example

Minimal example for developing Apify actor in Rust programming language. The code is open source.

The example:

  • Reads user provided URL from input
  • Does HTTP request to get HTML from this URL
  • Saves HTML into OUTPUT record in Key Value Store

This actor works both on Apify platform and locally.

Local usage

For local usage, you need to:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Install Rust
  3. Create local storage with apify init or manually create folder path apify_storage/key_value_stores/default/
  4. Add INPUT.json file input inside this path that looks like this:
    "url": ""
  1. Build and run the solution with cargo run
  2. You can find OUTPUT.html next to INPUT.json

Current problems

  • Apify currently doesn't allow increasing memory for builds so they sometimes fails by running out of memory
  • Apify caches the Docker images on its servers. Rust is not yet used much there so a lot of runs have slow cold starts.

Where next?

If you want to see more complex scraping project in Rust, check Rust Scraper which is also open source


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