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Rust Input Function Example
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Rust Input Function Example

Rust Input Function Example

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Dynamically compile and run input-provided page function. Like Cheerio Scraper but in Rust.

Example actor showcasing running a user-provided function in a static-typed compiled language.

How does it work

  1. Reads the input from disk or via Apify API
  2. Extracts the page_function string from the input
  3. Stores the page_function string to the disk
  4. Spawns a system process using cargo to compile the page_function into a dynamic library
  5. Dynamically links the library and converts the page_function into a regular Rust function. It must adhere to predefined input/output types.
  6. The example code gets HTML from the input provided url and parses it into a document using the Scraper library
  7. The user-provided page_function gets the document as an input parameter and returns a JSON Value type using the json macro

Page function

Page function can use a predefined set of Rust libraries, currently only the Scraper library and serde_json for JSON Value type are provided.


But technically, thanks to dynamic compiling, we can enable users to provide a list of libraries to be used in the page_function.

Example page_function

1use serde_json::{Value,json};
2use scraper::{Html, Selector};
4fn selector_to_text(document: &Html, selector: &str) -> Option<String> {
5    document
6        .select(&Selector::parse(selector).unwrap())
7        .next()
8        .map(|el| el.text().next().unwrap().into() )
12pub fn page_function (document: &Html) -> Value { 
13    println!("page_function starting");
15    let title = selector_to_text(&document, "title");
16    println!("extracted title: {:?}", title);
18    let header = selector_to_text(&document, "h1");
19    println!("extracted header: {:?}", header);
21    let companies_using_apify = document
22        .select(&Selector::parse(".Logos__container").unwrap())
23        .next().unwrap()
24        .select(&Selector::parse("img").unwrap())
25        .map(|el| el.value().attr("alt").unwrap().to_string())
26        .collect::<Vec<String>>();
28    println!("extracted companies_using_apify: {:?}", companies_using_apify);
30    let output = json!({
31        "title": title,
32        "header": header,
33        "companies_using_apify": companies_using_apify,
34    });
35    println!("inside pageFunction output: {:?}", output);
36    output
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