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Twitter X Latest Post Date Tracker
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Twitter X Latest Post Date Tracker

Twitter X Latest Post Date Tracker

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Experience effortless Twitter X data extraction with our advanced Actor. It swiftly fetches the latest post times from specified profiles, ensuring you're always ahead. Ideal for market analysis and trend tracking. Fast, reliable, and user-friendly - a must-have tool for digital marketers!

LatestPostTimeTwitter Scraper


This script, designed for the Apify platform, utilizes Puppeteer to scrape the most recent post dates from specified Twitter channels. It aims to gather information about the latest content updates for each provided channel.


  • Scrapes latest post dates from multiple Twitter channels.
  • Handles both channel names and channel URLs as input.
  • Customizable for different content types (e.g., videos, shorts).



  • channel: An array of Twitter channel names or URLs. This is a required field.
  • type: The type of content to scrape, such as "videos", "shorts", etc. This field is optional.


2  "channel": ["ChannelName1", "ChannelName2", ""],


The script outputs a JSON object where each key is a Twitter channel name (or formatted name from the URL), and the value is the ISO string of the latest post date.


2	"channel": "adidas",
3	"lastPostTime": "Sat Nov 11 17:00:01 +0000 2023",
4	"lastPostTimeISO": "2023-11-11T17:00:01.000Z"

How to Use

  1. Set up a new task on the Apify platform.
  2. Configure the input JSON with the channels and type of content you're interested in.
  3. Run the task. The script will process the input and return the latest post dates for the specified channels.


This script is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of the script. Ensure that you adhere to Twitter's terms of service and applicable legal regulations when using this scraper.

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