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Bring A Trailer Scraper V2
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Bring A Trailer Scraper V2

Bring A Trailer Scraper V2

Try for free

Pay $3.00 for 1,000 results

Pay Per Result, Unlock comprehensive insights into automotive auctions with our Bring a Trailer Data Scraper. Ideal for market analysts, car enthusiasts, and collectors, this tool efficiently extracts auction details, bid amounts, item specifics, and engagement metrics from listings, and more

Bring A Trailer(BaT) Scraper(Lite)

Fuel Your Passion for Cars with Bring-A-Trailer Auction Insights

Stop endlessly refreshing Bring a Trailer, hoping to snag the best deals and track market trends! Our powerful Bring-A-Trailier(BaT) automates the process, delivering comprehensive BaT auction data directly to you – in minutes. Whether you're an avid collector, a savvy reseller, or just love staying ahead of the curve, our scraper is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of BaT data.

What You Can Extract

  • Complete Auction Details: Get the title, current bid, number of comments, sale status, and more – for any BaT listing.
  • High-Resolution Images: Download stunning thumbnail images to fuel your research or build your dream car wish list.
  • Real-Time Updates: Monitor live auctions for bid changes and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Structured Data: Our scraper delivers data in easy-to-use JSON format, ready to be integrated with spreadsheets, databases, or your custom applications.

Why Choose Our BaT Scraper Actor?

  • Effortless Automation: Say goodbye to manual data collection. Our actor does the heavy lifting, saving you countless hours.
  • Apify Integration: Harness the power, reliability, and scalability of the Apify platform for all your BaT data needs.
  • No Coding Required: Our intuitive interface makes scraping BaT data accessible to everyone, even if you've never written a line of code.
  • Affordable Insights: Extract 1,000 BaT auction results for less than $4 in Apify credits – easily covered by the free Apify Free plan. Need more? Our flexible subscription plans fit any budget.

See How Easy It Is:

2  "category": "boats", //Or select from dropdown all o fthe categories from BaT
3  "limit": "50"

That's it! Provide your search terms and sorting preferences, and our actor does the rest.

Example Data Output

2  "scraped_at": "2024-02-03T17:28:55.027Z",
3  "isActive": false,
4  "tags": null,
5  "bidAmount": 4250,
6  "formattedBid": "$4,250",
7  "locationCountry": null,
8  "vehicleEra": null,
9  "description": "This 1984 Honda ATC 200ES was purchased by the seller in 2023, and subsequent work is said to have included fitting replacement decals to the red bodywork and mating an aftermarket carburetor to the 192cc four-stroke SOHC single. Additional reported work consisted of powder-coating the headlight guard and racks, refreshing the fluids, and…",
10  "subscriptionStatus": null,
11  "noReserveAuction": true,
12  "isPremiumListing": false,
13  "processType": null,
14  "isRepeatListing": false,
15  "imagePreviewUrl": "",
16  "auctionEndTime": 1706905031,
17  "listingTitle": "1984 Honda ATC 200ES Big Red",
18  "listingUrl": "",
19  "isWatched": false,
20  "modelYear": null,
21  "listingId": 70238579

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need proxies for scraping BaT?

While BaT is a public site, using proxies is highly recommended for smooth, uninterrupted data extraction. The Apify platform offers seamless proxy integration, ensuring your scraper runs smoothly.

Is scraping legal?

Yes, scraping publicly available data is generally permissible. However, always respect BaT's terms of service and avoid making excessive requests that could overload their servers.

Ready to unlock the full potential of BaT data? [Try our BaT scraper actor now!]

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