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trying to make sense of the results (prob. YT behavior, not actor's)


dario.agosta opened this issue
3 months ago

is Youtube choking the results based on time? I setup a simple run based on keyword search (a few keywords connected by boolean ops) sorting by date of upload - and I'm seeing that the results are gradually decreasing as we go back in time.

I set a fairly large limit for results including shorts and live, got about 600 results overall and I'm seeing for instance that going back in time they roughly halve by year, like this:

2024 (so far) : ~ 100 results 2023 : ~ 250 results 2022 : ~ 125 results 2021 : ~ 60 results 2020 : ~ 35 results

Actually, I would just need results from 2023, but they should be reasonably complete, I feel youtube is returning a sample instead.

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Hi, yes, unfortunately 600 results is about maximum this actor can get (also discussed in this issue). I didn't know about the "time-based choking", but it kind of makes sense that Youtube tries to return more recent videos.

You might get more results if you split your search into multiple runs - but you might get lots of duplicates, which will make the runs more expensive.

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