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Free email extractor to extract and download emails, phone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles from any website. Extract contact information at scale from lists of URLs and download the data as Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML, and XML.

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[BUG ]input "https://..." is formatted to "http://...." in the output file


breezy_yager-owner opened this issue
3 months ago

Hi there!

With great enthusiams am I making use of thie scraper! It provides me with great results. But unfortunately I am running into a bug which makes my other workflows hang. This is because I am mapping my input value to the output value. I'll show you an example of the issue i face. the Original Start URL has changed from "https" to "http".

In below example "URL" shows up correctly but I can't use this as this is not a constant factor and has quiet often some variables in it.

btw the happens to me around 50% of the time

looking forward to a reply :)

KR Bram

in case you need more input please let me know.

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Hi! Thanks for the issue, this has been just fixed, here is an example run

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