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Scrape Booking with this hotels scraper and get data about accommodation on You can crawl by keywords or URLs for hotel prices, ratings, addresses, number of reviews, stars. You can also download all that room and hotel data from with a few clicks: CSV, JSON, HTML, and Excel

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Don't respect the URL


seein opened this issue
3 months ago

Hello, I am trying to retrieve information from the following URL:

Destination: Upper Corsica

3 Categories: Hotels, Hotel complex, Boat hotel

As you can see, Booking displays 280 results when you go to the URL.

However when I run your script, I get more than 319 results (i have aborted it)... Why? is there a bug? Did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance

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Hi Seein,

thanks a lot for reporting this! Currently the scraper doesn't support URL filters, you have to use the ones in the Actor's input.

After removing the URL filters, there are 630 results.

Btw, this issue is directly related to:

We plan to add support for the URL filters in the future. I will keep you updated here, thanks!

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3 months ago

HI Lukas,

thank you for your answer, but i don't understand what is the filters in URL and how do you get only 630 results without filters URL.

Could you give me the URL without filter that you run ?

If i put only the destination "Haute-Corse" in booking search bar :

I get 2 399 results

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3 months ago

Hello, i make a new account with new issue for testing your service before buy it.

Could you answer me here please :

Thanks a lot




106 58 72 27 40 <tel:06 58 72 27 40>
2 <>
5 <>
720213 - Sorbo-Ocagnano


instagram <>

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Hi again,

thanks for your patience! I'm happy to inform you that we've just updated the scraper with this feature.

Simply inputting the URLs in will do the trick, the filter parameters will be automatically applied to the search.

Try it out and let me know how it works, thanks!

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