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Google Search Videos Scraper

Google Search Videos Scraper

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1 day trial then $4.00/month - No credit card required now

This Google Search Videos Scraper enables you to scrape Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for videos result. Select a country or language, extract custom attributes, and download your data; no coding is needed.

Search terms or URLs


Google Search terms (e.g. Cars) and/or full URLs (e.g.

Please enter one item per line.

Max pages per search term or URL


Maximum number of Google Search result pages crawled for each search term or URL. Please note that Google limits the number of search results pages it shows you to between 300 and 400.

Results per Google page


Number of search results for each Google result page. By default, Google Search returns 10 results per page. The allowed values are: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100.
Since our Free plan contains 100 free SERP proxies, and every request consumes 1 proxy, you will get exactly 100 free requests, no matter the amount of results you will get per each.

This is why to get maximum value from this scraper, we recommend setting up this parameter to its maximum, 100.

Mobile results


If checked, the scraper will return results for the mobile version of the Google search. By default, desktop results are returned.

Default value of this property is false

CSV friendly output (1 result per 1 row)


This option allows to arrange the results in a structure suitable for CSV format. If checked, Related queries with respective URLs, People Also Ask, reviews and prices will not be included. Only organic and paid results will be included.

Note: please take into account that displayed paid results are still heavily dependent on your location and browsing history.

Default value of this property is false



Country determines the IP address of the proxy used for the search and the Google Search domain (e.g. for Spain). By default, the actor uses United States (

Value options:

"af": string"al": string"dz": string"as": string"ad": string"ao": string"ai": string"aq": string"ag": string"ar": string"am": string"aw": string"au": string"at": string"az": string"bs": string"bh": string"bd": string"bb": string"by": string"be": string"bz": string"bj": string"bm": string"bt": string"bo": string"ba": string"bw": string"bv": string"br": string"io": string"bn": string"bg": string"bf": string"bi": string"kh": string"cm": string"ca": string"cv": string"ky": string"cf": string"td": string"cl": string"cn": string"cx": string"cc": string"co": string"km": string"cg": string"cd": string"ck": string"cr": string"ci": string"hr": string"cu": string"cy": string"cz": string"dk": string"dj": string"dm": string"do": string"ec": string"eg": string"sv": string"gq": string"er": string"ee": string"et": string"fk": string"fo": string"fj": string"fi": string"fr": string"gf": string"pf": string"tf": string"ga": string"gm": string"ge": string"de": string"gh": string"gi": string"gr": string"gl": string"gd": string"gp": string"gu": string"gt": string"gn": string"gw": string"gy": string"ht": string"hm": string"va": string"hn": string"hk": string"hu": string"is": string"in": string"id": string"ir": string"iq": string"ie": string"il": string"it": string"jm": string"jp": string"jo": string"kz": string"ke": string"ki": string"kp": string"kr": string"kw": string"kg": string"la": string"lv": string"lb": string"ls": string"lr": string"ly": string"li": string"lt": string"lu": string"mo": string"mk": string"mg": string"mw": string"my": string"mv": string"ml": string"mt": string"mh": string"mq": string"mr": string"mu": string"yt": string"mx": string"fm": string"md": string"mc": string"mn": string"ms": string"ma": string"mz": string"mm": string"na": string"nr": string"np": string"nl": string"an": string"nc": string"nz": string"ni": string"ne": string"ng": string"nu": string"nf": string"mp": string"no": string"om": string"pk": string"pw": string"ps": string"pa": string"pg": string"py": string"pe": string"ph": string"pn": string"pl": string"pt": string"pr": string"qa": string"re": string"ro": string"ru": string"rw": string"sh": string"kn": string"lc": string"pm": string"vc": string"ws": string"sm": string"st": string"sa": string"sn": string"cs": string"sc": string"sl": string"sg": string"sk": string"si": string"sb": string"so": string"za": string"gs": string"es": string"lk": string"sd": string"sr": string"sj": string"sz": string"se": string"ch": string"sy": string"tw": string"tj": string"tz": string"th": string"tl": string"tg": string"tk": string"to": string"tt": string"tn": string"tr": string"tm": string"tc": string"tv": string"ug": string"ua": string"ae": string"gb": string"us": string"um": string"uy": string"uz": string"vu": string"ve": string"vn": string"vg": string"vi": string"wf": string"eh": string"ye": string"zm": string"zw": string



Language for the search results, which is passed to Google Search as the hl URL query parameter. Only set this if you want to use a non-default language for the selected country.

Value options:

"af": string"sq": string"sm": string"ar": string"az": string"eu": string"be": string"bn": string"bh": string"bs": string"bg": string"ca": string"zh-CN": string"zh-TW": string"hr": string"cs": string"da": string"nl": string"en": string"eo": string"et": string"fo": string"fi": string"fr": string"fy": string"gl": string"ka": string"de": string"el": string"gu": string"iw": string"hi": string"hu": string"is": string"id": string"ia": string"ga": string"it": string"ja": string"jw": string"kn": string"ko": string"la": string"lv": string"lt": string"mk": string"ms": string"ml": string"mt": string"mr": string"ne": string"no": string"nn": string"oc": string"fa": string"pl": string"pt-BR": string"pt-PT": string"pa": string"ro": string"ru": string"gd": string"sr": string"si": string"sk": string"sl": string"es": string"su": string"sw": string"sv": string"tl": string"ta": string"te": string"th": string"ti": string"tr": string"uk": string"ur": string"uz": string"vi": string"cy": string"xh": string"zu": string

Exact location (Google UULE parameter)


The code for the exact location for the Google search. It's passed to Google Search as the uule URL query parameter. You can use the UULE code generator. Learn more about emulating local search.

Max concurrency


Maximum number of search results pages the scraper will load in parallel. A higher number means you will get your results faster, but it will also burn through your available proxies quicker.

Default value of this property is 10

Save HTML to dataset


If checked, the HTML of the Google Search results pages will be stored to the default dataset, under the html property. This is useful if you need to process the HTML, but it makes the dataset large and reduces performance.

Default value of this property is false

Save HTML to key-value store


If checked, the HTML of the Google Search results pages will be stored to the default key-value store and links to the files stored to the dataset under the htmlSnapshotUrl property. This is useful for debugging, since you can easily view the pages in the browser. However, the use of this feature may present some performance penalty.

Default value of this property is false

Include unfiltered results


If checked, the lower quality results that Google normally filters out will be included. This usually consists of a few hundred extra results.

Default value of this property is false

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