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Pinecone Integration

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This integration transfers data from Apify Actors to a Pinecone and is a good starting point for a question-answering, search, or RAG use case.

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It cant seem to find my data set.


responsible_box opened this issue
2 days ago

I get an error of data set each run. My embeddings are made like this: { "model": "text-embedding-3-large" }

And in this: Dataset fields to select from the dataset results and store in the database I have just written "content", as I did with the old pinecone integration, but there it was just called Fields.

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Thank you for your interest in this integration.

In fact, there was a slightly unrelated problem: the dataset_id was not passed correctly. So in your case, the results, e.g., from the Website Content Crawled, were not passed to the Pinecone integration at all. This has been fixed and released. I have tested it and it is working.

The variable Fields was not very descriptive, so we replaced it with datasetFields. There you can specify which fields from the dataset (Website Content Crawled data) should be stored in the database.

I'm closing this issue now. Please let me know if you have any other problems or questions! Happy to help.

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