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Apollo.io leads scraper
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Apollo.io leads scraper

Apollo.io leads scraper

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1 day trial then $45.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape leads from apollo io search results including verified emails and phone numbers. This apollo io data scraping bot helps you to extract leads from your apollo search results without subscribing to costly apollo pricing plans

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Actor finished with an error (exit code 1)


blooming_scissors opened this issue
19 days ago

actor stopped working again

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Did you run the scraper multiple times simultaneously ?

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Here are some guidelines to make the best use of this apollo scraper

  • Use more delay (5-60 seconds is recommended)
  • Do not scrape more than 1k records per day
  • Use same proxy country for every run, and use the country from where you normally login to your apollo account
  • Do not scrape simultaneously with same apollo account
  • Check your available email credits
  • Do not use free email addresses like gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc to create free apollo accounts, that will restrict your monthly email credits to 125
  • Use cookies instead of login details whenever possible
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