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Linkedin Posts Reactions Scraper
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Linkedin Posts Reactions Scraper

Linkedin Posts Reactions Scraper

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3 days trial then $25.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape reactions or likes from linkedin post. Allows you to extract all interactions from a post (comment, like, mentions). Input can be a /posts url. You can also provide a /company or /in url and it will parse multiple posts from the source (organic posts and promoted ads)

Linkedin Posts Interactions Parser

Allows you to extract informations from a linkedin post. Get a list on who liked, commented or got mentionned. Full name, title, linkedin url and others infos are parsed.

Input can be a direct post url. You can also provide a linkedin company url or people url. In this case, you get to parse posts the company or people made

Enables you to make a first quick extractions for your lead generation on competitions or even your own posts

Saves a lot of manual time

Env variable

your apify token needs to be added in the environment variables as APIFY_TOKEN


  • cookies: a list of cookies exported to your clipboard with the chrome extension "EditThisCookie" from your session on

  • url link: Post url / company url / people url (can be one of the 3)

  • number of days since post: max 30 days from today (only relevent if url is not a direct post url)


returns a list of parsed peoples who interacted on a or multiple linkedin posts

Data parsed:

  • comment_date
  • interaction_type
  • full_name
  • title
  • linkedin
  • comment_link
  • text
  • ref
  • ref_type
  • comment
  • like

How to extract header from your browser

  • install EditThisCookie chrome extension
  • login to your account and go to your linkedin feed page
  • Use the extension and click "export"
  • Paste the cookies in the input "cookies" from the actor

The apify documentation has a tutorial on how to do it with screenshots, go to the export your cookies section

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