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Xing jobs scraper ✅ FREE ✅

Xing jobs scraper ✅ FREE ✅

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Scrape jobs from xing job search results

XING - a career-focused social network based in Hamburg, operates under New Work SE and is primarily owned by Hubert Burda Media. Targeting mainly the German-speaking market alongside XING Spain, it rivals the American platform LinkedIn. It has over 1 million jobs and 20000 recruiters

With this tool you can scrape jobs postings from xing and get complete information about the job and company posted the job.

What job information are scraped?

📍 Tracking Token🔢 Position🔍 Description Highlight
🔍 Job ID🧩 Job Slug🔗 Job URL
🏷️ Job Title📅 Job Date📰 Is Pro job
🌍 Job Location City📝 Employment Type🏢 Company Logo
💰 Salary Currency💲 Salary Minimum💲 Salary Maximum
🤝 User Interactions🎯 Matching Highlights🏢 Company Name

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How to scrape xing jobs?

  • Go to XING Job scraper on the Apify platform
  • Click the Try for free button
  • Go to xing jobs search page and specify search filters and copy the search URL from address bar
  • Input the copied jobs search url
  • Select a proxy type
  • Click the Start button
  • When the run has finished, click the Export button
  • View and download your data

Input details

Xing job scraper requires job search url to extract the jobs based on search filters. Here is an example of jobs search URL:

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