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Screenshot Generator


Generates a screenshot of a webpage on a specified URL. The screenshot is stored to the default key-value store as the output.

Actor - Screenshot URL

Actor serving as an example of Input Schema. Takes URL of website and screenshot configuration parameters as input and outputs a screenshot of the website into Key-Value store.


Input of this actor should be JSON containing filter specification. Allowed filters are:

Field Type Description Allowed values
url String Search term Any string value
waitUntil String When should the screenshot be taken One of: "load" "domcontentloaded" "networkidle2" "networkidle0"
delay Number Delay before the screenshot is taken after the waitUntil finishes Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3600000
viewportWidth Number How wide should the website and screenshot be Minimum: 100, Maximum: 3840

For more information about waitUntil parameter please take a look at documentation of Puppeteers page.goto function.


Once the actor finishes, it will output a screenshot of the website into a file called OUTPUT stored in Key-Value store associated with the run.

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