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3 days trial then $5.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrap reviews from Capterra. Just provide the URL and the maximum number of reviews to be scrapped

Capterra Scraper Actor

This actor scrapes reviews from the Capterra website. It's built using Apify and is designed to extract detailed reviews based on a given URL.


Specify the starting URL and the number of reviews you want to scrape:

2    "startUrl": "",
3    "numReviews": 20


The output is an array of review objects. Each object includes details about the pros and cons of the software, along with reviewer details:

2    {
3        "pros": "The customer service team is extremely helpful.",
4        "cons": "It’s not easy to navigate for someone who is not technically savvy but their customer service folks are extremely helpful.",
5        "reviewer": {
6        "name": "Brooklyn",
7        "title": "Human Resources Software, 2–10 Employees",
8        "industry": "Used the Software for: 2+ years",
9        "timeUsed": "Reviewer Source",
10        "source": ""
11    },
12    {
13        "pros": "Being able to pretty much edit our list of vendors. And edit the price and descriptions of the products we purchase.",
14        "cons": "If two people are logged in at the same time and both are trying to process purchase orders. It'll give both users the same PO number. Instead of giving the first number to the person who started the PO first. Then the second person can't save it because the first person already saved it.",
15        "reviewer": {
16        "name": "Shalonda",
17        "title": "Hospital & Health Care, 51–200 Employees",
18        "industry": "Used the Software for: 6-12 months",
19        "timeUsed": "Reviewer Source",
20        "source": ""
21    }
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