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Google News Scraper

Google News Scraper

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Gets featured articles from Google News with title, link, source, publication date and image.

Search query


Enter search query as you would write it to Google News search bar. You can even use an empty query to search for arbitrary news.

Default value of this property is ""

Language and region


Select your language and region pair.

Value options:

"US:en": string"SK:sk": string"AU:en": string"BW:en": string"CA:en": string"ET:en": string"GH:en": string"IN:en": string"ID:en": string"IE:en": string"IL:en": string"KE:en": string"LV:en": string"MY:en": string"NA:en": string"NZ:en": string"NG:en": string"PK:en": string"PH:en": string"SG:en": string"ZA:en": string"TZ:en": string"UG:en": string"GB:en": string"ZW:en": string"ID:id": string"CZ:cs": string"DE:de": string"AT:de": string"CH:de": string"AR:es-419": string"CL:es-419": string"CO:es-419": string"CU:es-419": string"ES:es": string"US:es-419": string"MX:es-419": string"PE:es-419": string"VE:es-419": string"BE:fr": string"CA:fr": string"FR:fr": string"MA:fr": string"SN:fr": string"CH:fr": string"IT:it": string"LV:lv": string"LT:lt": string"HU:hu": string"BE:nl": string"NL:nl": string"NO:no": string"PL:pl": string"BR:pt-419": string"PT:pt-150": string"RO:ro": string"SI:sl": string"SE:sv": string"VN:vi": string"TR:tr": string"GR:el": string"BG:bg": string"RU:ru": string"UA:ru": string"RS:sr": string"UA:uk": string"IL:he": string"AE:ar": string"SA:ar": string"LB:ar": string"EG:ar": string"IN:mr": string"IN:hi": string"BD:bn": string"IN:bn": string"IN:ta": string"IN:te": string"IN:ml": string"TH:th": string"CN:zh-Hans": string"TW:zh-Hant": string"HK:zh-Hant": string"JP:ja": string"KR:ko": string

Default value of this property is "US:en"

Max items


Set the maximum number of items you want to scrape. If you leave this field unset, the actor will extract all news since 2005-01-01. If you set this field to value less than or equal to 100, date filter won't be used. Otherwise, the scraper will search news per individual days.

Default value of this property is 100

Extract images


Check this option if you want to scrape preview images to the individual news. Note that these images need to be extracted separately from target URLs so it slows down actor's run significantly. Also note that the number of failed requests will increase as many different websites need to be crawled.

Default value of this property is true

Proxy Configuration


Use either automatic Apify proxies or your own.

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":true}

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