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Merge, Dedup & Transform Datasets
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Merge, Dedup & Transform Datasets

Merge, Dedup & Transform Datasets

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The ultimate dataset processor. Extremely fast merging, deduplications & transformations all in a single run.



  • Add customInputData object to input for easy passing of custom values into preDedupTransformFunction and postDedupTransformFunction. It is part of the 2nd parameter object.



  • Added fieldsToLoad to input to increase speed and reducem meory if you don't need full items in output
  • Added limit and offset to input to be able to process only slices of dataset
  • Removed uploadSleepMs as the platform can now handle much higher load of upload



  • outputDatasetId can now also use dataset name. If dataset with that name doesn't exist, a new dataset is created.



  • dedup-as-loading mode now works correctly with actor migrations. This means that this actor can finally be used for huge datasets with lower memory!


  • fields are now optional which means the actor does not need to perform deduplication

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