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Speed of light scraping with Rust programming language! This is an early alpha version for experimenting, use at your own risk!

Start URLs


URLs that will be scraped. Must be an array of objects with "url" property.

Extraction config


Array that defines what and how should be scraped from a page HTML. See readme for more info.

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler. For most use cases we recommend the default Apify automatic proxy.

Max concurrency


Sets the maximum concurrency (parallelism) for the crawl. Keep this is reasonable level because this scraper can go really fast.

Default value of this property is 50

Max request retries


Sets the maximum number of retries for each request(URL).

Default value of this property is 3

Debug log


Shows when each URL starts and ends scraping with timings. Don't use for larger runs as the log gets filled quickly.

Default value of this property is false

Push data buffer size


Buffers results into vector (array) before pushing to a dataset. This prevents overwhelming Apify API. The default number is usually a good choice.

Default value of this property is 500

Force cloud


This allows local runs to use cloud storage, mainly for testing. On Apify platform this has no effect.

Default value of this property is false

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