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Abort And Resurrect
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Abort And Resurrect

Abort And Resurrect

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Aborts actor runs in bulk and resurrects them with new input and options.

Abort & Resurrect with new input

This utility actor aborts selected actor runs and resurrects them with new input. This is done using the transformInput function, which receives the original input as its first argument and should return the updated input for the actor run.

1function transformInput({ input, options }) {
2    input.foo = 'bar';
3    options.memory = 2048;

Where input is the parsed INPUT fetched from the run's key-value store and options are resurrect API options.

2    build: 'latest',
3    memory: 1024,
4    timeout: 3600 

If you don't touch the options, the original options the actor started with will be used.

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