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Anti Captcha Recaptcha

Anti Captcha Recaptcha

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馃О Actor for solving Google reCAPTCHA using the service. You need to have an anti-captcha subscription.

What does Anti Captcha Recaptcha do?

This is an automation tool designed to streamline the process of solving Google reCAPTCHAs using the service. Solving reCAPTCHAs allows you to scrape reCAPTCHA-protected websites.

Demo credits

There is demo credits; they are fully automatic: Demo credit request page.

Note that if the system does not accept your phone number, we can't change it or provide credit manually.

DO NOT ASK to provide you a demo credit without the phone number. No phone number = no demo credits!

What can I use it for?

If you're web scraping and your scraper is unable to solve the reCAPTCHA, your bot might be blocked by the website. This actor should make it easier to solve that issue by automating the use of the Anti Captcha service.

Cost of usage

Anti-CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is super efficient, so it will only consume the bare minimum of platform usage credits. That gives you plenty of scope to try it out with your $5 credits on the Free Apify plan.


The first input field needed is a key from You can find CAPTCHA_DATA_SITEKEY on the protected website. It is usually in a "data-sitekey" attribute in an element with a "G-reCAPTCHA" class or ID.

The input page in JavaScript should look like this:

2    "key": ANTI_CAPTCHA_KEY,


The output consists of the resulting G-reCAPTCHA-response, which you have to send the same way the protected website would. Usually, you can send it in the form of input with name="G-reCAPTCHA-response".

Some sites may require the CAPTCHA to be solved from the same IP address and/or browser. In this case, it is possible to use the following input attributes (in addition to the default ones).

1"proxyType": "http",
2    "proxyAddress": "",
3    "proxyPort": 8080,
4    "proxyLogin": "theLogin",
5    "proxyPassword": "thePassword",
6    "userAgent": "Opera 6.0",
7    "cookies": "name=value; name2=value2"


You must have an subscription to use this actor. Only by being subscribed to the service can you get the key you need for this automation actor to work. Without the key, running the actor will result in an error.

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