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Contact Information Scraper [DEPRECATED]


Scrape and extract contact information (e-mails, phone numbers, social networks) from any website. Collect or pull and build your own customer database. This actor is deprecated, please use the new vdrmota/contact-info-scraper actor instead.


Apify actor for extracting e-mails, phone numbers and social network links from a website.

This actor crawls a specified website and extracts all e-mails, phone numbers and social network links.


Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    "startUrls": START_URL_ARRAY,
    "maxDepth": MAX_CRAWLING_DEPTH,
    "sameDomain": ONLY_FROM_SAME_DOMAIN,
    "skipDomains": DOMAINS_TO_SKIP,
  • startUrls is the only required attribute. This an array of start URLs. It should look like this:
    "startUrls": [
  • maxDepth defines how deep the crawler will go until it stops, by default unlimited.
  • sameDomain specifies if the crawler should only follow links from the same domain, default is true.
  • skipDomains can contain an array of domains that will not be followed (in case sameDomain is set to false), e.g:
    "skipDomains": [
  • proxyConfig define Apify proxy configuration, it should respect this format:
    "proxyConfig": {
      "useApifyProxy": true,
      "apifyProxyGroups": [
  • liveView sets if Apify live view will be enabled.
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