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Facebook Pages Scraper


Scrape and download posts, comments, reviews, and any public data from Facebook Pages. Download your data as HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and RSS feed.

Facebook Page Crawler

Extract public information from Facebook Pages.


If you want to run the actor on the Apify platform, you need to have at least some Apify proxy group so that Facebook doesn't block you. Since it uses Puppeteer, the minimum memory for running is 2048 MB.


Example input, only startUrls and proxyConfiguration are required (check INPUT_SCHEMA.json for settings):

    "startUrls": [
        { "url": "" },
        { "url": "" }
    "language": "en-US",
    "maxPosts": 3,
    "maxPostDate": "3 days", // or a static date in ISO format, like 2020-01-01
    "minPostDate": "1 day", // or statis date in ISO format
    "maxPostComments": 15,
    "maxCommentDate": "2020-01-01",
    "maxReviews": 3,
    "maxReviewDate": "2020-01-01",
    "scrapeAbout": true,
    "scrapeReviews": true,
    "scrapePosts": true,
    "scrapeServices": true,
    "proxyConfiguration": {
        "useApifyProxy": true,
        "apifyProxyGroups": ["SHADER"]


    "categories": ["Hotel"],
    "info": [
        "Residenc", // ...
        "General Information\n" // ...
    "likes": 1538,
    "messenger": "", // ...
    "posts": [
            "postDate": "2020-09-10T09:33:43.000Z",
            "postText": "Do Prahy opět", // ...
            "postImages": [
                    "link": "", //...
                    "image": "" // ...
            "postLinks": ["https://residen"], // ...
            "postUrl": "", // ...
            "postStats": {
                "comments": 1,
                "reactions": 32,
                "reactionsBreakdown": {
                    "like": 26,
                    "love": 6
                "shares": 1
            "postComments": {
                "count": 0,
                "mode": "RANKED_UNFILTERED",
                "comments": []
    "priceRange": "$$$",
    "title": "Hotel Resid", // ...
    "pageUrl": "", //...
    "address": {
        "city": "Prague, Czech Republic",
        "lat": 50.09136,
        "lng": 14.42575,
        "postalCode": "11000",
        "region": "Prague",
        "street": "Haštalská 19"
    "awards": [],
    "email": "", //...
    "impressum": [],
    "instagram": "@Residen", // ...
    "phone": "+420 22", //...
    "products": [],
    "transit": null,
    "twitter": "@Residen", //...
    "website": "http://", //...
    "youtube": null,
    "mission": [],
    "overview": [],
    "payment": null,
    "checkins": "2,082 people checked in here",
    "verified": false,

Expected Consumption

One page and posts take around 1-2 minutes for the default amount of information (3 posts, 15 comments) to be generated, also depends on the proxy type used (RESIDENTIAL vs DATACENTER), block rate, retries, memory and CPU provided.

Usually, more concurrency is not better, while 5-10 concurrent tasks can finish each around 30-60s. A "20-concurrency" run can take up to 300s each. You can limit your concurrency by setting the MAX_CONCURRENCY environment variable on your actor.

A 2048MB actor takes an average 0.015 CU for each page on default settings. More "input page URLs" means more memory needed to scrape all pages.

WARNING: Don't use a limit too high for maxPosts as you can lose everything due to out of memory, or it may never finish. While scrolling the page, the partial content is kept in memory until the scrolling finishes.

Take into account the need for proxies that are included in the costs.

Displaying only posts without page information

You can use the unwind parameter to display only the posts from your dataset on the platform, as such:,title,pageUrl

unwind will turn the posts property on the dataset to become the dataset items themselves. the fields parameters makes sure to only include the fields that are important

Limitations / Caveats

  • Pages "Likes" count is a best-effort. The mobile page doesn't provide the count, and some languages don't provide any at all. So if a page has 1.9M, the number will most likely be 1900000 instead of the exact number.
  • No content, stats or comments for live stream posts
  • New reviews don't contain a rating from 1 to 5, but rather is positive or negative
  • Cut-off date for posts happen on the original posted date, not edited date, i.e: posts show as February 20th 2:11AM, but that's the edited date, the actual post date is February 19th 11:31AM provided on the DOM
  • The order of items aren't necessarily the same as seen on the page, and not sorted by date
  • Comments of comments (nested comments / conversations) aren't included in the output, only top-level comments on the posts.


This project adheres to semver.

  • Major versions means a change in the output or input format, and change in behavior.
  • Minor versions mean new features
  • Patch versions mean bug fixes/optimizations (changes to aren't tagged)


  • Separated dataset for posts, comments, and reviews



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