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Pinecone GPT Chatbot combines OpenAI's GPT models with Pinecone's database to generate insightful responses. Its interactive chatbot interface presents precise and comprehensive answers to user queries. Benefit from semantic understanding, efficient workflows, and enriched knowledge integration!

OpenAI API key


Your OpenAI API key. You can get it from:

Pinecone API key


Your Pinecone API key.

Pinecone index name


The name of the Pinecone index where the relevant vectors are stored. You can use our WCC Pinecone Integration to crawl a website and store its content in your Pinecone index.

GPT model


The ID of the GPT model you want to use.

Value options:

"gpt-4-turbo": string"gpt-3.5-turbo": string

Default value of this property is "gpt-4-turbo"



The temperature parameter for the GPT model. Use values between "0" and "1". The temperature controls the randomness of the generated text. Lower values make the text more deterministic, higher values make it more random.

Default value of this property is "0.5"

Top K results


The number of top K results to fetch from the Pinecone index and use as a context for the GPT model. The higher the number, the more context the model will have to generate the response but it will also take longer.

Default value of this property is 10

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