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Motionmail Send Invoice

vaclavrut/motionmail-send-invoice doesn't send invoices for paid accounts, so in case you don't want to visit this app every month and send the invoice to the accounting department, you can use this act, which will do it for you automatically. In the input, specify to whom should the act send the email with an attached invoice in PDF. In the settings of the act (source) update the environment attributes the Username and the Password, then you should create a Scheduler, which should be set with the value 0 0 X * * for Cron expression, where X should be the date when the invoice is created in the, check it there. For me, it is the 21th day of the month so I would put 0 0 23 * * to the scheduler settings, adding 2 days extra just in case something would go wrong and they would delay creating the invoice.

You need to have an Apify account with an API token.

  1. To run the actor from your program externally, copy-paste the code below into your program (based on programming language)

  2. Replace <YOUR_API_TOKEN> with your own token (you can find it here)

const Apify = require('Apify');

Apify.client.setOptions({ token: '<YOUR_API_TOKEN>' });

const run = await'vaclavrut/motionmail-send-invoice', { });

console.log('Actor finished, here is the output:');
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