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Use this actor to communicate with OpenAI's ChatGPT API. Receive answers to questions, generate articles, blog posts, code, text classification, sentiment detection, and others. Export data from the actor into various database formats.

OpenAI / ChatGPT API for APIFY

To use this actor, you need OpenAI API Key first. You can signup from here: (

You can simply give prompts as input & receive response from OpenAI's API. Please note that, your prompt's format should be in a spesific format depending on your goal. You can view example formats from here:


What Can I Do With OpenAI/ChatGPT Wrapper?

Q&A: Answer questions based on existing knowledge.
Grammar correction: Corrects sentences into standard English.
Summarize for a 2nd grader: Translates difficult text into simpler concepts.
Natural language to OpenAI API: Create code to call to the OpenAI API using a natural language instruction.
Text to command: Translate text into programmatic commands.
English to other languages: Translates English text into French, Spanish and Japanese.
Natural language to Stripe API: Create code to call the Stripe API using natural language.
SQL translate: Translate natural language to SQL queries.
Parse unstructured data: Create tables from long form text
Classification: Classify items into categories via example.
Python to natural language: Explain a piece of Python code in human understandable language.
Movie to Emoji: Convert movie titles into emoji.
Calculate Time Complexity: Find the time complexity of a function.
Translate programming languages: Translate from one programming language to another
Advanced tweet classifier: Advanced sentiment detection for a piece of text.
Explain code: Explain a complicated piece of code.
Keywords: Extract keywords from a block of text.
Factual answering: Guide the model towards factual answering by showing it how to respond to questions that fall outside its knowledge base. Using a '?' to indicate a response to words and phrases that it doesn't know provides a natural response that seems to work better than more abstract replies.
Ad from product description: Turn a product description into ad copy.
Product name generator: Create product names from examples words. Influenced by a community prompt.
TL;DR summarization: Summarize text by adding a 'tl;dr:' to the end of a text passage. It shows that the API understands how to perform a number of tasks with no instructions.
Python bug fixer: Find and fix bugs in source code.
Spreadsheet creator: Create spreadsheets of various kinds of data. It's a long prompt but very versatile. Output can be copy+pasted into a text file and saved as a .csv with pipe separators.
JavaScript helper chatbot: Message-style bot that answers JavaScript questions
ML/AI language model tutor: Bot that answers questions about language models
Science fiction book list maker: Create a list of items for a given topic.
Tweet classifier: Basic sentiment detection for a piece of text.
Airport code extractor: Extract airport codes from text.
SQL request: Create simple SQL queries.
Extract contact information: Extract contact information from a block of text.
JavaScript to Python: Convert simple JavaScript expressions into Python.
Friend chat: Emulate a text message conversation.
Mood to color: Turn a text description into a color.
Write a Python docstring: An example of how to create a docstring for a given Python function. We specify the Python version, paste in the code, and then ask within a comment for a docstring, and give a characteristic beginning of a docstring (""").
Analogy maker: Create analogies. Modified from a community prompt to require fewer examples.
JavaScript one line function: Turn a JavaScript function into a one liner.
Micro horror story creator: Creates two to three sentence short horror stories from a topic input.
Third-person converter: Converts first-person POV to the third-person. This is modified from a community prompt to use fewer examples.
Notes to summary: Turn meeting notes into a summary.
VR fitness idea generator: Create ideas for fitness and virtual reality games.
Essay outline: Generate an outline for a research topic.
Recipe creator (eat at your own risk): Create a recipe from a list of ingredients.
Chat: Open ended conversation with an AI assistant.
Marv the sarcastic chat bot: Marv is a factual chatbot that is also sarcastic.
Turn by turn directions: Convert natural language to turn-by-turn directions.
Restaurant review creator: Turn a few words into a restaurant review.
Create study notes: Provide a topic and get study notes.
Interview questions: Create interview questions.
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