Screenshot: Website Image and Video Capture avatar
Screenshot: Website Image and Video Capture
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Screenshot: Website Image and Video Capture

Screenshot: Website Image and Video Capture

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3 days trial then $9.90/month - No credit card required now

Capture high-quality screenshots and videos of any website. Perfect for design verification, content creation, and website snapshots. Compatible across diverse device resolutions. Instant results.


This actor allows users to capture screenshots of any website. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse set of output formats, capturing a website's current state has never been more streamlined.

Use Cases

  • Website Snapshot: Instantly capture the look and feel of any website for archival or reporting purposes.
  • Design Verification: Validate a website's design across different devices to ensure optimal user experiences.
  • Content Creation: Use screenshots in content pieces, presentations, and more.


  1. URL: The specific website URL you wish to capture.
  2. Device: Opt for your preferred device resolution from a comprehensive list, ensuring compatibility and design responsiveness.
  3. Output: Decide on the desired output format: whether an Image (jpeg), a Video (mp4), or a Video (gif).


Based on the provided schema, the actor provides an "overview" of the captured data, structured as:

  • URL: Direct link to the captured website.
  • Output: The chosen output format, which could be jpeg, mp4, or gif.
  • Screenshot: A direct link to the captured screenshot.

A sample output would look like this:

2    "url": "",
3    "output": "jpeg",
4    "screenshot": ""


Built with efficiency and precision in mind, this actor is designed to deliver the best results without compromising on quality.

Setup and Usage

  1. Set the Inputs: Ensure the correct URL, Device, and Output are set before execution.
  2. Run and Fetch: Execute the actor and retrieve the results seamlessly.


Q: Can the actor handle dynamic content on websites?
A: The actor is optimized for capturing static content. Dynamic or frequently changing content might lead to varied results.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of screenshots I can take?
A: There's no hard limit set.

Q: How does the actor handle different device resolutions? A: The actor is optimized to handle all device resolutions and compatibility with appropriate viewport settings and user agents.

Q: Do I need to worry about watermarks on the screenshot?
A: No, the screenshots are watermark-free.


Developed by yeyo.

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