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Store Screenshot Url

Store Screenshot Url

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Pay $1.00 for 1,000 results

Effortlessly capture and extract URL screenshots with the Store Screenshot URL Extractor. This powerful Apify actor is designed to streamline your data collection process, providing high-quality snapshots of web pages with ease. Ideal for market research, content verification, and SEO analysis, this

Screenshot URL Actor

This Actor serves as a practical demonstration of using an Input Schema. It takes a URL and screenshot configuration parameters as input and outputs a screenshot of the website into the Key-Value store.

How It Works


The input should be a JSON object containing specifications for capturing the screenshot. Below are the parameters you can configure:

FieldTypeDescriptionAllowed Values
urlStringURL of the website to captureAny valid URL string
waitUntilStringSpecifies when to take the screenshot based on page load state"load", "domcontentloaded", "networkidle2", "networkidle0"
delayNumberDelay in milliseconds after waitUntil event before taking screenshot0 to 3,600,000
viewportWidthNumberWidth of the viewport for the screenshot100 to 3840
scrollToBottomBooleanWhether to scroll to the bottom of the page before taking a screenshottrue, false
delayAfterScrollingNumberDelay after scrolling to the bottom before taking the screenshot0 to 3,600,000
waitUntilNetworkIdleAfterScrollBooleanWait for network to become idle after scrolling before screenshottrue, false
waitUntilNetworkIdleAfterScrollTimeoutNumberMax wait time for network idle after scrolling1,000 to 3,600,000


The actor outputs a screenshot of the specified website into a file named OUTPUT in the Key-Value store associated with the actor's run.

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This Actor is an essential tool for anyone needing quick and accurate web screenshots. Perfect for testing, archiving, or content verification purposes.

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