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TikTok Comments Scraper

TikTok Comments Scraper

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7 days trial then $20.00/month - No credit card required now

Extract TikTok comments. Just add a TikTok URL and get TikTok video and profile data: comments, URLs, numbers of shares, followers, hashtags, hearts, video, and music metadata. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

What does TikTok Comments Scraper do?

It’s a simple and powerful tool that allows you to scrape comments from TikTok videos: comment text, user ID, timestamp, number of replies and replies content, number of likes, etc. To get that data, just insert the video URL and click “Save & Start” button.

How to use extracted TikTok data

✨ Find authentic product reviews and conduct sentiment analysis

👩‍🔬 Get data for research and social listening experiments

🦠 Analyze viral campaigns and trends

🥸 Identify unverified content and inaccurate information with high public value

📚 Prepare for or analyze a TikTok marketing campaign

How do I use TikTok Comments Scraper?

TikTok Comments Scraper was designed to be easy to start with, even if you’ve never extracted data from the web before. Here’s how you can scrape TikTok comments data with this tool:

  1. Create a free Apify account using your email.
  2. Open TikTok Comments Scraper.
  3. Add one or more TikTok video URLs to scrape comments.
  4. Click “Start” and wait for the data to be extracted.
  5. Download your data in JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, or HTML.

Please note that this scraper displays the extracted comments only after it has scraped all desired comments from one URL.


The input for TikTok Comments Scraper should be a TikTok video URL and number of comments. You can add one or multiple URLs.

Click on the input tab for an input example in JSON.

2  "commentsPerPost": 10000,
3  "postURLs": [
4    "https://www.tiktok.com/@expeccto/video/7128277764389473562?q=harry%20potter&t=1675289064996"
5  ],
6  "maxRepliesPerComment": 0

Output sample

This scraper will deliver results in a dataset. You can choose in which format to download it: JSON, Excel, HTML, CSV, or XML. Here’s an example of scraped TikTok comments you’ll get from the video URL above.

tiktok comments output

Or the full version in JSON:

2    {
3        "videoWebUrl": "https://www.tiktok.com/@expeccto/video/7128277764389473562",
4        "cid": "7128599608109286190",
5        "createTime": 1659756449,
6        "createTimeISO": "2022-08-06T03:27:29.000Z",
7        "text": "Just finished watching the whole of the Harry Potter movies yesterday for the 10th time lmao",
8        "diggCount": 11477,
9        "replyCommentTotal": 142,
10        "repliesToId": null,
11        "uid": "7002585366419162117",
12        "uniqueId": "gyp2yy"
13    },
14    {
15        "videoWebUrl": "https://www.tiktok.com/@expeccto/video/7128277764389473562",
16        "cid": "7128994054352978715",
17        "createTime": 1659848288,
18        "createTimeISO": "2022-08-07T04:58:08.000Z",
19        "text": "He was the best wizard and learned so fast 😩",
20        "diggCount": 9901,
21        "replyCommentTotal": 79,
22        "repliesToId": null,
23        "uid": "7100180717091701762",
24        "uniqueId": "iannasimonemonteb"
25    },
26    {
27        "videoWebUrl": "https://www.tiktok.com/@expeccto/video/7128277764389473562",
28        "cid": "7155816116475101979",
29        "createTime": 1666093280,
30        "createTimeISO": "2022-10-18T11:41:20.000Z",
31        "text": "who don't know:😭😭😭\nwho know:🤨🤨",
32        "diggCount": 732,
33        "replyCommentTotal": 5,
34        "repliesToId": null,
35        "uid": "6785055187708445697",
36        "uniqueId": "gabrielcmgn"

How many results can you scrape with TikTok Comments scraper?

TikTok Comments scraper can return over 2000 results on average per post (of course where there are that many comments).

However, you have to keep in mind that scraping tiktok.com has many variables to it and may cause the results to fluctuate case by case. There’s no one-size-fits-all-use-cases number. The maximum number of results may vary depending on the complexity of the input, location, and other factors. Some of the most frequent cases are:

  • website gives a different number of results depending on the type/value of the input
  • website has an internal limit that no scraper can cross
  • scraper has a limit that we are working on improving

Therefore, while we regularly run Actor tests to keep the benchmarks in check, the results may also fluctuate without our knowing. The best way to know for sure for your particular use case is to do a test run yourself.

How much will scraping TikTok Comments cost you?

When it comes to scraping, it can be challenging to estimate the resources needed to extract data as use cases may vary significantly. That's why the best course of action is to run a test scrape with a small sample of input data and limited output. You’ll get your price per scrape, which you’ll then multiply by the number of scrapes you intend to do.

Watch this video for a few helpful tips. And don't forget that choosing a higher plan will save you money in the long run.

Want to scrape TikTok profiles or hashtags?

You can use the dedicated scrapers below if you want to scrape specific TikTok data. Each of them is built particularly for the relevant TikTok data scraping case, be it hashtags, ads, profiles, or all data at once. Feel free to browse them:

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Not your cup of tea? Build your own scraper

TikTok Comments scraper doesn’t exactly do what you need? You can always build your own! We have various scraper templates in Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript to get you started. Alternatively, you can write it from scratch using our open-source library Crawlee. You can keep the scraper to yourself or make it public by adding it to Apify Store (and find users for it).

Or let us know if you need a custom scraping solution.

Integrations and TikTok Scraper

Last but not least, TikTok Scraper can be connected with almost any cloud service or web app thanks to integrations on the Apify platform. You can integrate with Make, Zapier, Slack, Airbyte, GitHub, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and more. Or you can use webhooks to carry out an action whenever an event occurs, e.g. get a notification whenever TikTok Scraper successfully finishes a run.

Using TikTok Comments Scraper with the Apify API

The Apify API gives you programmatic access to the Apify platform. The API is organized around RESTful HTTP endpoints that enable you to manage, schedule and run Apify actors. The API also lets you access any datasets, monitor actor performance, fetch results, create and update versions, and more.

To access the API using Node.js, use the apify-client NPM package. To access the API using Python, use the apify-client PyPI package.

Check out the Apify API reference docs for full details or click on the API tab for code examples.

Our TikTok scrapers are ethical and do not extract any private user data, such as email addresses, gender, or location. They only extract what the user has chosen to share publicly. However, you should be aware that your results might contain personal data.

Personal data is protected by GDPR in the European Union and other laws and regulations around the world. You should not scrape personal data unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. If you’re unsure whether your reason is legitimate, consult your lawyers. You can also read our blog post on the legality of web scraping and ethical scraping.

Your feedback

We’re always working on improving the performance of our Actors. So if you’ve got any technical feedback for TikTok Comments Scraper or simply found a bug, please create an issue on the Actor’s Issues tab in Apify Console.

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