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Amazon Reviews Scraper

Amazon Reviews Scraper


Scrape and download detailed reviews of Amazon products , including rating score, review description, reactions and images. Download your data as HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML.

What is Amazon Reviews Scraper ?

This is a web scraper that extracts public product reviews from Amazon using product Urls.

How does it work ?

Add one or more Amazon product Urls to the productURLs field and run the scraper. Download the data from the storage tab once the scraper has completed running.


The scraper requires the following fields as input. productURLs, sortBy, maxReviews and proxyConfiguration

Sample Input

2    "productURLs": [
3        {
4          "url": ""
5        },
6        { "url": "" },
7        { "url": "" },
8        {
9          "url": ""
10        }
11    ],
12    "sortBy": "helpful",
13    "maxReviews": 30,
14    "proxyConfiguration": {
15        "useApifyProxy": true,
16        "apifyProxyCountry": "US"
17    }

For detailed clarfication of the input check out the input tab.


The scraped data is stored in the dataset of each run. The data can be viewed or downloaded in many popular formats, such as JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, RSS, and HTML.

Sample Output Dataset

A sample of the dataset as JSON is shown below

2    {
3        "productAsin": "B0BGYG5GSJ",
4        "reviewTitle": "Almost like a new phone with a plus",
5        "reviewUrl": "",
6        "reviewRatingStars": 4,
7        "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2022",
8        "reviewDescription": "I was looking to update my iPhone and found the Premium Renewed option with a great price. My unit came with a very good condition. There are some visible scratches in one of the sides, but with a case it won't be visible. The lens area had some visible dirt and scratches. I had to clean up that portion of the phone myself.My battery came with 90% health and as a bonus, I got one year of Apple Care Plus. The previous owner had Apple Care and sold the iPhone with one year of warranty remaining. If I have a problem with the unit, I can go straight to Apple!",
9        "reviewImpact": "One person found this helpful",
10        "reviewIsVerified": true,
11        "variant": "Size: 1TBColor: Sierra Blue",
12        "reviewImages": [],
13        "position": 2,
14        "page": 1
15    },
16    {
17        "productAsin": "B0BGYG5GSJ",
18        "reviewTitle": "like NEW condition!",
19        "reviewUrl": "",
20        "reviewRatingStars": 5,
21        "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2022",
22        "reviewDescription": "I love Amazon Renewed especially the \"renewed premium\" it never disappoints. The iPhone 13 pro Max 128gb came in MINT condition. Not a scratch, no dust, nothing. Just perfect. I was looking for the 14 pro max but of course those are just a mythical creature good luck with that. Instead, Amazon had the 13 pro max IN STOCK with the Renewed Premium guarantee it was a no brainer. Came nicely packaged and secured, the box was nice and neat and felt great opening it. Actually I bought 2 of these in the same color, one for myself and one for my lady.As for the phone itself, what is there to say? Its an iPhone 13 Pro Max 128gb. Top of the line and compatible with the latest iOS and 5G. Love the phone, love iOS, love the speed of my phone. NO complaints.",
23        "reviewImpact": "",
24        "reviewIsVerified": true,
25        "variant": "Size: 128GBColor: Sierra Blue",
26        "reviewImages": [],
27        "position": 3,
28        "page": 1
29    },
30    {
31        "productAsin": "B0BGYG5GSJ",
32        "reviewTitle": "It’s ok…",
33        "reviewUrl": "",
34        "reviewRatingStars": 4,
35        "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2022",
36        "reviewDescription": "The phone is in good condition, battery health is 94% I didn’t see any cracks or scratches. However, there’s a small nic on one of the cameras but wont be noticeable once I get a camera protector to cover it.",
37        "reviewImpact": "4 people found this helpful",
38        "reviewIsVerified": true,
39        "variant": "Size: 128GBColor: Sierra Blue",
40        "reviewImages": [
41            "",
42            "",
43            ""
44        ],
45        "position": 4,
46        "page": 1
47    },
48    {
49        "productAsin": "B0BGYG5GSJ",
50        "reviewTitle": "Low battery health!",
51        "reviewUrl": "",
52        "reviewRatingStars": 4,
53        "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2022",
54        "reviewDescription": "I received it with very low battery health with a maximum capacity of 89%.and a small scratch on one of the camera lenses in the back.",
55        "reviewImpact": "10 people found this helpful",
56        "reviewIsVerified": true,
57        "variant": "Size: 128GBColor: Sierra Blue",
58        "reviewImages": [],
59        "position": 5,
60        "page": 1
61    },
62    {
63        "productAsin": "B0BGYG5GSJ",
64        "reviewTitle": "Brand New Premium!",
65        "reviewUrl": "",
66        "reviewRatingStars": 5,
67        "reviewedIn": "Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2022",
68        "reviewDescription": "When the 14 was launched with no SIM card which I prefer for flexibility... I had to either wait and get one in Canada with SIM, or try to find a new 13 pro max, not as easy as thought. And with the 13 pro max stellar in every area and performance, was very happy when the Amz Premium renew(New) notified me of date I could expect shipped. Sooo glad when actually arrived and very Happy with this iphone! Excellent Everything!",
69        "reviewImpact": "2 people found this helpful",
70        "reviewIsVerified": true,
71        "variant": "Size: 256GBColor: Alpine Green",
72        "reviewImages": [],
73        "position": 6,
74        "page": 1
75    }


Apify provides you with $5 free usage credits to use every month on the Apify Free plan, and you can get up to 300,000~ reviews from Amazon Reviews Scraper for $5

Scraping publicly available data such as product ratings, review descriptions, or the number of reactions to a particular review is legal. The scraper does not extract an personally identifying information

Integrations With Amazon Reviews Scrapper

You can connect the Amazon Reviews Scrapper with any cloud service or web app that Apify integration supports. You can integrate with Make, Zapier, Slack, Airbyte, GitHub, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and more.

You can also implement webhooks to perform specific actions e.g sending an email whenever the scraper successfully completes.

Support and Request for Features

Feel free to reach out by creating an issue on the issues tab to request for support or inclusion of more features.

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