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Booking Reviews Scraper
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Booking Reviews Scraper

Booking Reviews Scraper

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Pay $2.00 for 1,000 reviews

Scraper to get reviews from hotels, apartments and other accommodations listed on the portal. Extract data using hotel URLs for review text, ratings, stars, basic reviewer info, length of stay, liked/disliked parts, room info, date of stay and more. Download in JSON, HTML, Excel, CSV.

Hotel URLs


URLs of hotels to scrape reviews from. If you add any userData, it will be included in each review for given hotel under the key customData

Maximum reviews per hotel


Maximum number of reviews to scrape per hotel

Default value of this property is 9999999

Sort reviews by


Review attribute by which the reviews will be ordered

Value options:

"f_relevance": string"f_recent_desc": string"f_recent_asc": string"f_score_desc": string"f_score_asc": string

Default value of this property is "f_relevance"

Cutoff date (only reviews newer/older than this date)


If you select Sort reviews by Newest first, when the scraper encounters the first review for each hotel older than this date, it will stop, and vice versa: reviews newer than this date will be ignored when Sort reviews by Oldest first is selected. This field is ignored for other sorting options.

Review scores filter


Filter reviews by their score, as shown on

Default value of this property is ["ALL"]

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