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Zoominfo Scrapper

Zoominfo Scrapper

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2 hours trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrap a company's details from the Zoominfo page. Just provide the company name, and the scrapper will provide you with the details

Zoominfo Company Details Scraper

This Apify actor scrapes company details from Zoominfo based on the provided company name.


The actor accepts a JSON object with the following field:

  • companyName (string): The name of the company to scrape details for.


The actor returns an array of JSON objects, where each object represents a company and contains the following fields:

  • name (string): The name of the company.
  • website (string): The website URL of the company.
  • revenue (string): The revenue of the company.
  • headquarters (string): The headquarters address of the company.
  • totalFundingAmount (string): The total funding amount raised by the company.
  • mostRecentFundingAmount (string): The most recent funding amount raised by the company.
  • numberOfFundingRounds (string): The number of funding rounds the company has had.
  • ceo (object): An object containing the name and title of the company's CEO.
    • name (string): The name of the CEO.
    • title (string): The title of the CEO.
  • employees (object): An object containing the number of employees at different levels in the company.
    • cLevel (string): The number of C-level employees.
    • vpLevel (string): The number of VP-level employees.
    • director (string): The number of director-level employees.
    • manager (string): The number of manager-level employees.
    • nonManager (string): The number of non-manager employees.
  • sicCode (string): The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of the company.
  • naicsCode (string): The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of the company.
  • fundingRounds (array): An array of objects representing the funding rounds of the company.
    • fundingDate (string): The date of the funding round.
    • round (string): The type of funding round.
    • amount (string): The amount raised in the funding round.
    • investors (string): The investors involved in the funding round.
  • acquisitions (array): An array of objects representing the acquisitions made by the company.
    • date (string): The date of the acquisition.
    • name (string): The name of the acquired company.
  • industries (array): An array of strings rep

Example Usage

To use this actor, provide the following JSON input:

2  "companyName": "Brandlive"
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